Welcome to Norsjø Ferieland Marina and Gjestebrygge

We are a natural stop for a boat holiday up the Telemark Canal or to Notodden. Norsjø is a large lake that you get to via two locks from the coast and Skien. Norsjø Ferieland is a camping resort with a shop, restaurant, fuel facilities, sanitary facilities and lots of activities. So this is a pleasant stop on the journey. Gjestebrygga is free to visit during the day. We charge for overnight stays. See information about the pier for current prices.

Prices for 2022: 

NOK 200,- for rent of premises per night including electricity

It is possible to rent a boat space all season round. Our two alternatives are either boat dock with outriggers where you are allocated a fixed spot (reserved for season campers) or purchase a season pass. The season pass gives you the right to stay at our guest pier all summer (provides opportunities for larger boats).

Please contact Marita if this is of interest:


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