Opplev Telemarskanalen fra vår brygge på Norsjø.  

Vi har vår helt egen «cruise» båt på Norsjø som heter Telemarken. Så parker bilen og motorsykkelen og hopp på båten fra bryggen vår!

Båten seiler etter rutetabellen helle sommeren. Den er tilgjengelig for charting hele våren, sommeren og høsten.

Det er flere løsninger // Combine 3 hours cruise and bus travel for a one way trip or take the boat in both directions. Popular options include:

Alternativ 1: Sluse opp

Canal cruise from Norsjø Ferieland pier at 09:55 arriving in Lunde at 13:15. Return by bus from Lunde at 13:50 arriving at Akkerhaugen/Norsjø Ferieland approx 14:30 (bus stop 800m from the campsite)

Alternativ 2: Sluse ned 

Bus from Akkerhaugen/Norsjø Ferieland (bus stop 800m from the campsite) at 12:20. Canal cruise from Lunde at 13:45 arriving at Norsjø Ferieland pier at 17:00.

 Ønsker du bestille – trykk på linken under. 


Experience the Telemark Canal 
On the way to Lunde it goes via beautiful Norsjø to Ulefoss lock. From Ulefoss it goes up the Telemark canal through the locks at Eidsfoss (3 lock chambers), to Vrangfoss (5 lock chambers) with Norway’s highest total drop of 23 metres).

Then the trip continues through the canal, over Nomevann and into Lunde Sluse arriving at about 13:15. M/S Telemarken moors on the lower side of the lock in Lunde, so that our guests can see the other canal boats go through the lock there before they either choose to take the trip back to Norsjø Ferieland with M/S Telemarken at 13:45, or hop on a bus* (departing from Lunde at 13:50) back to Akkerhaugen and Norsjø Ferieland. Bus tickets must be purchased directly on the bus, or here: https://www.booktelemark.no/dagsturer, is not included in any tickets sold in advance).

M/S Telemarken turn around in Lunde, and takes the same way back to Akkerhaugen and Norsjø Ferieland. i.e. From Lunde at 13:45, via Nomevann, into the canal towards Vrangfoss, Eidsfoss, Ulefoss and back over Norsjø to Norsjø Ferieland and Akkerhaugen pier.

Arrives at Norsjø Ferieland at about 16:50. Outside regular timetabled service MS Telemarken can be rented to private companies. More details and prices available in the separate article provided.

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